Zach Brol, MS Ex Sci, ACE CPT, ACE NS


Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from Fitchburg State University

Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from Merrimack College


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)”
Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
Ace Certified Personal Trainer
Ace Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Red Cross: Adult First Aid CPR/AED
InBody 570 Lesson Plan


Zach has extensive experience with personal training through his previous private practice and from his time at Maxx Fitness Clubzz in Warren, RI. He has trained, worked with and led fitness classes for a wide variety of abilities and age groups.

At the D1 Collegiate level, Zach was a strength and conditioning intern coach for the Syracuse University Football team who managed the set up, training sessions, coaching cues and lifting techniques for all of the players.

At College of the Holy Cross, he was a fellowship strength and conditioning coach. Zach was in charge of all program design and implementation for both mens and womens tennis and cheerleading. He served as an assistant for the baseball, mens/womens hockey, lacrosse, and basketball teams.

Personal Sports Experience:

Competitive Bodybuilder currently pursuing his pro card
Collegiate and Premier Soccer
Varsity High School Soccer and Lacrosse

Training Philosophy: 

My training philosophy is based on three principles that I value the most which are discipline, leading by example, and integrity. I do not believe in motivation because people are only motivated to do the easy thing or what they want to do. It is better to be disciplined because it requires breaking through what is easy and consistently doing the hard things to achieve the desired goal. If reaching everyone’s desired goals were easy everyone would be able to make the money they want, do what they want, and look how they want but many people live in a box of comfort and do not experience true discipline therefore will never reach what they truly want. As a leader myself, I strive to show this discipline through leading by example. I live what I preach by using nutrition, sleep, taking care of my body and training to help me look and perform the way I do in my sport of bodybuilding. Although different from an athletic strength and conditioning point of view, they share the same principle in needing to do the proper things to perform to the highest capability. If I or one of my athletes are not doing what needs to be done it will show when it is game time because the people who put in the extra work will always outperform those who did not. Integrity is important to coaching success for many reasons. If a person coaching you on anything whether it is athletics, finances or a relationship is not extremely successful in these categories, then it is hard to buy into or believe that anything that they are saying can lead you to success. Furthermore, anything that they tell you becomes unbelievable and cannot be counted on as factual. Integrity is honesty, loyalty, respectability, trust and dependability all rolled into one. Without it, there will not be respect, buy in or success of any kind.