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FEEL Better. MOVE Better. PERFORM Better.

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This Friday will be 6 months from the day I fractured by tibial plateau in one heck of a fall at Stowe.  When I think back to those first days and weeks after I got injured, what I remember most vividly is overwhelming uncertainty and fear about how, when and to what extent I would recover – and trying not to freak out at the thought that maybe I wouldn’t be able to be as active as I’ve always been.  And most especially having been a lifelong skier since age 3, working through that middle-of-the-night torment and doubt about whether or not I’d really be able to come back and ski at the same high level that’s been second nature to me for so long.

I’m pretty darn confident I’m doing to be okay – actually, probably way more than ok.  Because my body and movement seems on-track to coming back even stronger than before I got hurt.  All thanks to you and your most excellent VASTA crew.  You guys have been family to me through this.  I am 100% certain I wouldn’t be as far along and my outcome wouldn’t be anywhere near as optimistic if it weren’t for the exceptional treatment I’ve received at VASTA – my new home-away-from-home.

I originally came to VASTA for help with chronic hip pain. Working with Mike Woods, we not only eliminated the pains in my hip, but also solved persistent issues along the entire length of my leg. Mike is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. During the process, I also learned about maintenance and injury prevention, and was able to transition into a conditioning program. The entire VASTA team is professional and friendly. I’m very satisfied with my experience, and highly recommend Mike and VASTA PT.

Thank you for your time and attention with regards to my personal fitness program.  This past year I have developed a love for Vasta because of the professionalism of the staff, the warmth of the facility, and the talented team you folks have culminated.

I have been seeing Vasta’s physical therapy department for the past few month after a shoulder surgery. They have been nothing but professional and friendly with me during my time of recovery. I have made great progress virtually pain free thanks to the great staff, working with my individual needs. They were able to adjust workouts and exercise to cater to my needs and not just another shoulder patient going through the motions. Thank you so much, you have made a long recovery much more enjoyable.

My VNA PT post operation in home recommended VASTA because my life revolves around athletics.  Snowboarding, hiking, cycling, paddle boarding, traveling, etc.  I shattered my right patella almost beyond repair. I was told VASTA has strict requirements for education/certification and that staff is extraordinary. I am very happy with my therapy so far.  Everything is innovative and safe.  My therapist is professional, timely, caring, and up on all the latest technique to get me back to my life.  I can’t thank you enough and would like my therapist thanked for being so great.  She also shows my husband how to do extra things such as massage to help decrease swelling. Lastly sending patients home with borrowed equipment such as ESTIM and straps is WONDERFUL.  I am a very happy patient.

I was out with a couple of friends last night whose daughters also attend Kristina’s youth class. We were all saying what a positive influence Kristina has on the girls and how much they enjoy training with her. It is great for the girls to have a program outside of school sports where they can challenge themselves and build strength and confidence.

I was referred to VASTA for a back injury from an auto accident. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in good hands! I have been to other PT facilities, but never have experienced the knowledge that was provided when assessing me at VASTA.  My therapist was Mike Woods and he is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and provided positive reinforcement throughout my treatment cycle and information of what to expect throughout!  Thank you for getting me back on the right track! The team at VASTA are awesome individuals!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for getting me back to a mobile and healthy place with my back.  This spring I went backpacking through Utah canyons and this summer I trekked through the Dolomites.  Several times on both of those trips I sang your praises and commented on how grateful I was to be feeling strong and confident in my back’s health.  I still do my stretches and strengthening exercises daily and I’m back to biking and skiing — I am feeling stronger than ever before!

VASTA is the first PT that actually dealt with my ruptured disc in a comprehensive way of understanding the whole body and working towards strengthening my muscles to achieve no further injuries. Since joining VASTA, I am very happy to report that my back has not failed again and I can do everything that I used to do before my injury. 

Aside from the physical well being, the workout and PT area(s) are a great ambiance and all staff excellent in their knowledge and friendliness.

Keep up the great work!

I like that the Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers work together to make sure you are getting the best care and training. One stop shop!

VASTA is a positive, professional, highly-skilled and caring group of physical therapists and trainers. Each person is treated as an individual with step-by-step, evidence-based approaches to meet your strength/fitness goals or to help you recover from injury. 

I am a nurse and do my research — the VASTA team is the best!

Our family has worked with a Physical Therapist as well as trainers.  Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. So happy to have found VASTA!

I really appreciate the personalized and comprehensive approach, including diet and nutritional suggestions, insights and direction.  I also appreciate that we did not just jump right into a program, but rather Matt explained why we would take a few sessions to assess, educate and then progress into more structured activities…

Both Physical Therapy and physical training sides of the business have knowledgable, kind practitioners who listen, guide, and support me through recovery and beyond.

Competent, clear understanding of the body, personal approach rather than cookie-cutter or the latest popular fad.  A plan of action that is grounded in results and respectful of individual needs and physical abilities.  I can trust I will be both safe and challenged.

Over the last twenty years and ten orthopedic surgeries, I’ve worked with a dozen physical therapists in New England. Unequivocally, Jeff Albertson is the best. First, he actively listens when I describe my pain – this is more rare for a PT than it should be. Second, he rigorously deduces the root causes of my pain through detailed, often time-intensive assessment. Jeff runs a custom practice, not one-size-fits-all therapy. Finally, by virtue of this careful, methodical, and compassionate care, I leave my time with Jeff feeling significantly better and more knowledgeable. As someone who suffers from multiple sports injuries, I want momentary pain relief but also ongoing pain management that I can put in practice. No one does this better than Jeff. As an added bonus, he’s also a great conversationalist!

I had a few moments to reflect on our session, and I wanted to reach out to say, “thanks”.

It’s extremely difficult to control my frustration levels with my own body because the correct movement of my body determined my success in my discipline (dance/gymnastics) and my coach’s/teacher’s approval for over 20 years! Back handspring/back tuck on a 4″ beam and multiple pirouettes on center require incredible control and discipline of the body which I seemed to have lost along the way. Mentally I’m infuriated with my own ineptitude to master the movements I seek but greatly appreciate your patience, “attempted humor and singing” and your never ending creativity to help me reach my fitness and health goals. Thanks again for sharing your talented skill set with me and always keeping it fun!

I came to VASTA with hip issues, result of a fracture and early arthritis caused by a really bad car accident I had back on 2013. Since then I went through different procedures but never pain free.

I had the opportunity to have PT with the great Mike Woods! and because the work and time invested in my recovery, I owe him getting back to my ability to run, stand straight, walk and do anything I want without pain! At VASTA you can see that therapists work with one person at a time, which help them getting to know their patients and needs very well, creating a specific treatment program and monitoring the progress better.  Loving what you do and having fun doing it, translates in good service which motivates a patient to reach their goals and getting great results. This is what you get to experience as soon as you put your trust on getting back on track with the VASTA team!! THANK YOU!

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