Joseph Grunvald, BA, AFAA, FMS 1

Joe is passionate about keeping active and helping others which ultimately led to his career choice in becoming a strength coach and personal trainer.

He is from Colchester, Vermont and has always been involved in athletics. As a youth he participated in soccer, travel hockey, and little league. He ran cross country and played golf for his high school team at Rice Memorial. He played division III club hockey in college.

He received his BA degree in nonprofit management and leadership and minored in entrepreneurship at High Point University. He is AFAA certified and has his FMS level 1 certification.

Coaching clientele/experience:
Joe has been strength training for over seven years and has worked with high school athletes as well as collegiate. He has also worked with several weightloss focused clients, fire fighters, police officers, those with orthopedic issues, as well as the elderly. Joe especially likes working with hockey players and golfers because they are his favorite sports and when he is not at the gym he is either on the ice or on the course.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

-Tim Notke