Sean O’Connor, LAT, ATC

Originally from Connecticut, Sean grew up living an active lifestyle. Sean played organized sports all year-round and thankfully had parents that also encouraged and supported the more dangerous sports I fell in love with at a young age. Sean grew up playing baseball, basketball, football in his younger years, and then in high school he put most of my focus on cross country/ track and field. Sean’s most passionate about mountain biking, skiing, anything with wheels or that slides on snow, and whatever other adventure presents itself, which is what ultimately led him to Vermont.

His grandfather was an amatueur astronomer and engineer and he had a big influence on Sean’s love for the sciences. In high school, Sean learned about sports medicine and knew that athletic training was the career path for him. He started my college education at Quinnipiac University in the athletic training program and finished my education at Southern Connecticut State University.


Quinnipiac University

Southern Connecticut State University: B.S. in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine


Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT)

Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)


Professional Experience:

Certified Athletic Trainer

Indoor Cycling Instructor


Mountain biking

Skiing and snowboarding

Anything on wheels

Strength training


Humans are designed to move. Find your “why” and always be curious of what you and your body are capable of. You get out what you put in.