Adding Regular Massage To Your Repertoire

Every ‘body’ is different…

We at VASTA believe that an integrated approach to whole health is imperative to overall well-being. We aim to educate all of our clients and encourage a customized prescription of VASTA services. Whether you are working to rebuild your strength following an ACL surgery with our physical therapists, or you are improving your swing mechanics for the upcoming Golf season with our  trainers, or you are addressing chronic low back pain by working with our massage therapist, you have a unique body makeup and thus your frequency of visits will vary. However the goals of overall wellness remain relatively the same: prevent injury, foster better range of motion and speed up your body’s rate of recovery – consistency being the key ingredient to effectively maintain these goals.

Ok, but how often for massage?

Although the immediate relief of a single, annual celebratory massage can be delicious, the lasting effects are fleeting. “People need to keep getting massage for the benefits to continue”.1  So consider where you currently stand in the spectrum of health. We suggest monthly massage to be a good starting place, but perhaps more frequent visits are necessary to bring about more lasting benefits. Battling chronic pain or preventing stiffness post-surgery for example would put you on the increased end of this spectrum, thus we may suggest weekly or bi-weekly massage work. “Frequent massages will allow your muscles to soften and become more compliant, which will help with pain, and with stress.”2

The beauty of body work: “its benefits are compounded when massage is utilized as a frequent therapy. The more you get, the more it does.”3 When it comes to our clients, offering an educated suggestion is the structure for better health; your confidence in our work is paramount to starting with a solid foundation to build upon.