Our expert clinicians will combine cutting edge technology with research driven benchmarks for comparisons in order to identify injury risks and improve overall performance.

Our Detailed Assessment Includes:

  • A full body mobility evaluation (20+ point assessment)
  • A core and lower limb strength screening
  • An orthopedic evaluation of lower limb joints
  • A functional movement assessment
  • A thorough evaluation of foot and ankle alignment and biomechanics
  • A running gait breakdown with motion analysis software
Who would benefit from the Runner’s Biomechanical Evaluation?

Runners of all ages and levels, whether competitive or recreational, who are interested in improving their mechanical efficiency in order to improve running performance and reduce their risk of injury.Runners currently dealing with injury who want an evaluation targeted specifically to the demands of running, and rehabilitation aimed at restoring pain free running as well as improving performance through mechanical efficiency.

Our 3-D video feedback enables us to identify even small biomechanical breakdowns.  Athletes will be able to visualize any inefficiencies in their stride and better understand the connection to past injuries, future injury potential, and opportunities for performance gains.

Common running related injuries that can benefit from our assessment include:

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (pain in the knee cap)
  • Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome
  • Shin splints
  • Recurring stress fractures
  • Running related low back pain
  • Running related hip pain
  • Hamstrings strains
  • Plantar fasciitis

What should the runner bring to the Evaluation?

  • Running apparel including shirt, shorts and shoes you are currently running in for the evaluation. Females are encouraged to wear a sports bra and/or tank top.
  • Your previous 1-2 pairs of running shoes and orthotics (if necessary) for evaluation.
  • Completed running evaluation intake form detailing injury history, medical history, and brief explanation of training history and current goals.
  • Training log if you keep one (and if you don’t…you should!).

Duration of appointment: 90-minute assessment
Cost: $290

— You will leave with an individualized prescription for corrective strength and/or mobility exercises, shoe wear recommendations, gait adjustment visualization, and more! —

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Lateral ‘Heel whip’ – often caused by foot structural morphology and/or impaired rotational control of the hips/pelvis.  This leads to shin splints, medial knee pain, ITB pain, and more.

Over-striding or ‘Breaking’ – leads to increased impact/load at the knee, hip, SI joints and low back.  A common finding in runners with generalized anterior knee pain or ‘patellofemoral pain’ and running associated SI joint pain.

Excessive ‘Hip drop’ – caused by lateral hip weakness.  This ‘frontal plane’ pelvic instability can contribute to running associated low back pain, medial or lateral knee pain, IT band syndrome, shin splints, achilles tendonitis (just to name a few).

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, competitive athlete or weekend warrior, we have the expertise and systems to get you to, and keep you at, the top of your game.

Over the last twenty years and ten orthopedic surgeries, I’ve worked with a dozen physical therapists in New England. Unequivocally, Jeff Albertson is the best. First, he actively listens when I describe my pain – this is more rare for a PT than it should be. Second, he rigorously deduces the root causes of my pain through detailed, often time-intensive assessment. Jeff runs a custom practice, not one-size-fits-all therapy. Finally, by virtue of this careful, methodical, and compassionate care, I leave my time with Jeff feeling significantly better and more knowledgeable. As someone who suffers from multiple sports injuries, I want momentary pain relief but also ongoing pain management that I can put in practice. No one does this better than Jeff. As an added bonus, he’s also a great conversationalist!

I came to VASTA with hip issues, result of a fracture and early arthritis caused by a really bad car accident I had back on 2013. Since then I went through different procedures but never pain free. I had the opportunity to have PT with the great Mike Woods! and because the work and time invested in my recovery, I owe him getting back to my ability to run, stand straight, walk and do anything I want without pain! At VASTA you can see that therapists work with one person at a time, which help them getting to know their patients and needs very well, creating a specific treatment program and monitoring the progress better. Thanks to you Mike and to the whole VASTA team! I am so grateful for all your support, sense of humor and the kind welcome I got from you all always! Loving what you do and having fun doing it, translates in good service which motivates a patient to reach their goals and getting great results. This is what you get to experience as soon as you put your trust on getting back on track with the VASTA team!! THANK YOU!

I was out with a couple of friends last night whose daughters also attend Kristina’s youth class. We were all saying what a positive influence Kristina has on the girls and how much they enjoy training with her. It is great for the girls to have a program outside of school sports where they can challenge themselves and build strength and confidence.