The Industrial Athlete

What is the Industrial Athlete?

If you rely on your body for work, if you hold a physically demanding job, then you are an “Industrial Athlete”. Industrial athletes experience physical demands similar to those encountered by competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike. As an Industrial Athlete, you require comprehensive treatment strategies to ensure that you recover fully from your injury, and appropriately intensive rehabilitation and conditioning to ensure a successful return you to work and a prevention of re-injury.

At VASTA Performance Training and Physical Therapy, we are uniquely equipped to get people with physically demanding jobs back on their feet, and expedite their return to work process. If we can get a football player back on the field faster and safer after an ACL injury, we can do the same for the firefighter with knee pain. If we can get the professional baseball player back to throwing, we can get the manual laborer back to overhead lifting.


At VASTA Performance Training and Physical Therapy, we specialize in getting athletes back on the field faster. As Orthopaedic and Sport clinical specialists, we have the knowledge and expertise to get you better, faster!

We understand that no two jobs are created equal. The Sports Physical Therapists at VASTA will work with you to understand your particular job and lifestyle demands. We will perform a detailed physical examination to determine areas of weakness and dysfunction. Our expert clinicians utilize this information to create an aggressive and comprehensive plan to get you back to work, and the activities you love, as quickly as possible.

We will leave you with a structured self-management plan including exercises and strategies to stay healthy, active and pain-free.

Our numbers speak for themselves: 

Our numbers speak for themselves:

If you are a firefighter, police officer, ski instructor, or physical laborer, we understand the physical nature of your employment duties. We work to address the underlying anatomical or biomechanical mechanism, and utilize cutting edge rehabilitation and conditioning principles to help prevent injuries down the road. We won’t settle for simply taking away your pain, our goal is to restore and improve on your prior level of performance.


Don’t settle when it comes to your rehabilitation experience. Work with our team of Sports and Orthopaedic specialists to not only get back to work, but to get back to your life. Rehab where the pros do!


We work with all Workers Compensation Insurers and most Private Insurance Carriers.

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