Sports Physical Therapy Specialists

Whether you are a youth competitor, a professional athlete or a weekend warrior – our team of professionals understand the complexities of high-level rehabilitation and are experts in preventing, evaluating, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating all sports related injuries.

The Staff at VASTA brings together experience from Professional and Collegiate Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Training and Sports Rehabilitation.  Our Team of Physical Therapists Include the State’s ONLY Board Certified Sports Specialist and Fellowship Trained Manual Therapists.

Rehabilitation in under 2 minutes!

Get a feel for ACL recovery with this overview video

Entrust your care to experts in the field of Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

-Our Sports Physical Therapists can get you back into the game.
-Our Injury Prevention Programs can keep you in the game.
-Our Team of Performance Trainers can elevate your game.

The Psychology of Injury in the Youth Athlete

Click HERE to link to informational page with helpful references for the injured youth athlete, their parents and coaches.