Injured Athlete Support Group – Facilitated by Mental Skills Coach Shannon Walton

Purpose: To provide a safe and supportive space for anyone going through an injury, at any state.  We will share experiences and challenges.

We will also discuss strategies that can help process and move through those challenges.

You are not alone! Come explore strategies to improve your mindset & assist your recovery!

When: The 1st Thursday of every Month, 6:30pm-7:30pm (Next Meeting, April 4th, 2024)

Where: VASTA Performance Training and Physical Therapy in South Burlington

Shannon is the owner of Ultimate Mental Edge, which helps athletes improve their performance by focusing on mental preparation and training.  UME focuses on the mind, body and social components of being an athlete to provide a complete approach to mental training.  Her goal is to provide a supportive and collaborative partnership with each athlete so they can see holistic growth.

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Groups start February 1st, 2024

Injured Athlete Support Group

I understand that this support group is not intended to be a substitute for individual mental health care. Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis should seek individual professional care and/or immediately contact their primary care physician. * If you are interested in finding out more about individual services please email
I agree to hold the identity of those attending these meetings, and the information shared, in strict confidence. I will NOT discuss the confidential and personal information, shared by others at this meeting, with anyone else.