Custom Orthotics

The Sports Physical Therapists at VASTA can create custom orthotics based on your individual needs.  A pair of truly custom orthotics differ considerably from an over the counter arch support, or a heat molded arch support that you may find at a running store. Our custom orthotics are molded precisely to your feet and then ‘posted’ or modified to correct for any foot or ankle mal-alignment found by your PT.

To make a pair of custom orthotics, our Sports Physical Therapist will perform an in-depth biomechanical assessment and consider the quality of movement from the entire lower limb in deciding if orthotics are a good solution for you.

Your custom orthotics will be fit, not just to your feet, but in consideration for how your entire lower limb moves, what inefficiencies can be helped through ideal foot alignment or support, and with consideration for your unique sporting needs.

Because we specialize in movement biomechanics, your Physical Therapist may point out multiple factors contributing to your foot and/or lower extremity pain – foot orthotics may not be the only answer. We are your best solution for corrective exercise prescription and movement re-training. Orthotics are used by VASTA Physical Therapists as an adjunct to a comprehensive approach to help you ‘Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better’.

Common injuries where orthotics may help decrease symptoms include:

  • Plantar fasciitis / Heel Pain
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Metatarsal pain
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITB)
  • Running related low back and SI joint pain
  • Stress fractures
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Foot neuroma

Most physical therapy clinics don’t specialize like we do.

As Sports and Orthopedic specialists in Physical Therapy, we specialize in biomechanics (the study of body movement), gait and running assessments, and the treatment of all orthopedic injuries of the lower extremity.

We specialize in the treatment of running injuries; and our expertise in treating the “kinetic chain” – from your toes to your back – is the reason our therapists will maximize your results in minimal time.  Through a sound biomechanical approach, proven manual therapy techniques, custom foot orthotics, and prescriptive exercise, we get you Better, Faster!

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, competitive athlete or weekend warrior, we have the expertise and systems to get you to, and keep you at, the top of your game.

Over the last twenty years and ten orthopedic surgeries, I’ve worked with a dozen physical therapists in New England. Unequivocally, Jeff Albertson is the best. First, he actively listens when I describe my pain – this is more rare for a PT than it should be. Second, he rigorously deduces the root causes of my pain through detailed, often time-intensive assessment. Jeff runs a custom practice, not one-size-fits-all therapy. Finally, by virtue of this careful, methodical, and compassionate care, I leave my time with Jeff feeling significantly better and more knowledgeable. As someone who suffers from multiple sports injuries, I want momentary pain relief but also ongoing pain management that I can put in practice. No one does this better than Jeff. As an added bonus, he’s also a great conversationalist!

I came to VASTA with hip issues, result of a fracture and early arthritis caused by a really bad car accident I had back on 2013. Since then I went through different procedures but never pain free. I had the opportunity to have PT with the great Mike Woods! and because the work and time invested in my recovery, I owe him getting back to my ability to run, stand straight, walk and do anything I want without pain! At VASTA you can see that therapists work with one person at a time, which help them getting to know their patients and needs very well, creating a specific treatment program and monitoring the progress better. Thanks to you Mike and to the whole VASTA team! I am so grateful for all your support, sense of humor and the kind welcome I got from you all always! Loving what you do and having fun doing it, translates in good service which motivates a patient to reach their goals and getting great results. This is what you get to experience as soon as you put your trust on getting back on track with the VASTA team!! THANK YOU!

I was out with a couple of friends last night whose daughters also attend Kristina’s youth class. We were all saying what a positive influence Kristina has on the girls and how much they enjoy training with her. It is great for the girls to have a program outside of school sports where they can challenge themselves and build strength and confidence.