BCAAs Preserve Muscle and Lose Body Fat

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are vital to our everyday health and fitness. BCAAs are essential amino acids, meaning that our body does not manufacture them, we must acquire them from our diet and/or nutritional supplements.

Maintaining Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is a major contributor to the efficiency of our metabolism. To maintain metabolic efficiency it is important to hold onto as much lean muscle mass as possible when trying to reduce body fat. Unfortunately when we eat less calories than we need our body can breakdown muscle mass for energy to offset the lower caloric intake. BCAAs taken before and after training sessions provide your body with readily available amino acids to preserve and repair your muscle tissue—otherwise called regeneration. Limiting the breakdown of muscle tissue allows your body to focus on burning more fat, building muscle and improving metabolic efficiency.

Energy Levels

Creating a caloric deficit is a integral to losing unwanted body fat. Unfortunately restricting calories can also hamper energy levels, making it more challenging to maintain training intensity and frequency. Try taking 5-10g of BCAA’s before and after a training session to help preserve lean muscle mass. BCAA’s trigger protein synthesis for greater muscle growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass, they also help your body mobilize body fat for conversion to energy.      

Damaging Deficits

Calorie deficits limit the availability of macro and micronutrients hindering our ability to fully recover. Restricting your caloric intake (dieting) for fat loss will limit recovery thus increase soreness from your training session to training session. This lack of recovery and increased soreness typically makes you want to skip your next training session. Consistency is critical, missing training sessions slows your progress and cripples motivation. Fortunately BCAAs can help. Taking a branch chain amino acid supplement before and after every training session significantly reduces post-workout muscle soreness and promotes recovery. The Branch Chain Amino Acids facilitate tissue repair so you regenerate before your next session.  


BCAA supplements can be taken any time. You’ll get the most benefit taking them before and after training sessions and between meals. Taking them between meals helps cut sugar cravings and boosts energy if you go 4 or more hours without eating during the day–but don’t think that they can be used to supplement a meal, use them to “complement” the meal. Give BCAAs a try, you’ll quickly see how they boost training sessions and aid in the elimination of excess fat.

BCAA Recommended Product

Try this BCAA product by Biosteel. It is a clean product that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, Flavoring or coloring.