Oliver Cunningham

Oliver began his dive into health and wellness as he entered high school. Growing up overweight and then painfully skinny, Oliver used weightlifting as a means to change his body and self-image. The fitness industry, however, was full of false hope and information, so he made it a goal to sift through the silt to find some truth.

Oliver became a Certified Personal Trainer while pursuing his degree in Exercise Science. He also competed in Powerlifting for several years, winning several local competitions. Ultimate has also always been a passion of his; Oliver captained his collegiate team and continues to play at a high level year round with the Burlington team.


Bachelors of Exercise Science

Professional Credentials:

>> NASM Certified Personal Trainer

>> AFAA Certified Group Trainer

Performance Coaching Clientele/Experience:

>> Adult, collegiate, prep school and youth aged athletes

>> Strength and Power

>> Athletic Performance

>> Weight loss, body fat reduction

Playing Experience:

Powerlifting, Ultimate, Snowboarding, Obstacle Course Racing


Hiking, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, fishing, kayaking, camping, stand up comedy

Training Philosophy:

Train hard and eat well not because you hate your body, but because you love your body.

Work smarter, not harder.