Ginger brings six years of experience as a CMT to her practice. She has extensive training including Tui na (Chinese Acupressure), Swedish, Barefoot Shiatsu, Athletic, Myofascial and Maternity massage. Ginger completed a 2-year massage apprenticeship under the instruction of Kirsten Wiley, NBCMT (who is not only a massage mentor, but also a running, tennis, and skiing partner). Ginger is continually looking to build her massage skill set and expand her knowledge in the field of integrative medicine by participating in workshops and conferences nationwide.

Ginger worked in the corporate world for a few years before returning to her college dream to become a massage therapist. She has worked as an event planner, a wedding planner at the StoweFlake Mountain Resort, and as an executive assistant for UVM and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The stress and strain of office work, and the benefit of bodywork became obvious, and a major driver towards fulfilling her dream to become a massage therapist.

Ginger has worked with a wide array of clients from professional, recreational, and senior athletes, pregnant mothers and their newborns, pre- and post-operative clients, and those simply looking to unwind, destress and relax.

To book an appointment with Ginger simply request an appointment here; or call us at 802-399-2244.

Personal: Ginger has completed marathons, half marathons, an ultra-marathon, as well as few century bicycle rides. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, spin classes, bikram yoga and meditation. She travels as much and as often as she can with her boyfriend and family.

You can contact Ginger directly at: